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Since AWARE® launched in 2009, we have reached 4,861 students, educators and parents at congregations, youth groups, high schools, colleges and summer camps across the Greater Washington area. AWARE® has four different workshop offerings. The goal of each of these unique workshops is to create a safe and open environment for discussion. Each workshop can be customized to address the needs of the participants and focus on the issues most relevant to the audience.


 Workshop Offerings

It's Not Love®

It's Not Love® Part II


Training for Educators



Audience:  8th- 12th grades; College student; Parents

It's Not Love® is the cornerstone workshop of AWARE® - the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse's (JCADA) youth prevention initiative. It is a choose-your-own-path workshop in which participants assume the role of a character who is either in an abusive relationship or is a witness to one. 

Participants learn to identify signs of unhealthy relationships and to use tools to help themselves or a friend. By the end of the workshop, participants will 

  • increase their awareness about signs of unhealthy relationships and qualities of healthy relationships;
  • understand the different types of abuse and the cycle of abuse; and
  • identify resources they can utilize if they or someone they know are ever in an unhealthy relationship.



 Part II

Audience: Youth who have participated in It's Not Love®, 9th- 12th grades 

It's Not Love® Part II builds on the ideas and tools introduced in the original It's Not Love® program. During this workshop, participants will

  • examine different methods of verbal and emotional abuse;
  • practice responding when someone they care about is being abusive; and
  • discuss the challenges of speaking up in an unhealthy situation and ways to respond. 



Audience: 6th & 7th grade

#healthyfriendships is an experiential choose-your-own-path workshop modeled after our successful It's Not Love workshop.The goal of this workshop is for participants learn to identify signs of unhealthy friendships and to use tools to help themselves or a friend.

In this workshop, participants will

  • navigate one of the many friendship issues individuals in middle school confront including changing friend groups, bullying and being a bystander; and
  • engage in creative brainstorming and role-play to explore the dynamics of friendships.


 Training for Educators

Trainings for educators, staff and youth professionals

AWARE's® trainings can be tailored for any staff that works with young people. This includes educators, guidance counselors, youth advisors and camp counselors. We facilitate training workshops focused on issues related to healthy relationships, friendships and abuse.  Educators learn

  • how to recognize red flags;
  • tools to use when talking with young people; and
  • where to go for help and resources available

If you would like to bring one of these workshops to your school, congregation, youth group, or camp, please contact Ben Cerny at 301-315-8040 or email: aware@awarenow.org


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