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Your Friend May Be in an Abusive Relationship If...

...their partner is always checking up on them, calling or texting them, and demanding to know where they have been and whom they have been with.

...their partner acts extremely jealous when he/she talks to other people, even when only a friendly conversation.

...your friend is sad all of the time, constantly bruised, unusually quiet, extremely withdrawn, isolated, nervous when talking around the person they're dating or acting afraid.

...your friend seems to be detached from everyone and everything, constantly distracted, unwilling to listen to your advice about their relationship, uninterested in your observations, out of school a lot or unable to stop crying.

...your friend's weight, appearance, or grades have changed dramatically since the relationship began.

...your friend always seems worried about upsetting their partner.

...your friend becomes hard to count on and is frequently canceling plans with you and other friends at the last minute, giving reasons that sound untrue.

...your friend constantly apologizes for her behavior and makes excuses for her.

...your friend has injuries he/she can't explain, or the explanation he/she gives seems untrue.

...you've seen your partner lose his/her temper and break or damage things when he/she is angry.

...your friend seems depressed a lot since he/she has been dating their partner.

...since they've been dating, your friend has given up things that used to be important to him/her, such as spending time with friends or the activities he/she used to participate in.

...their partner constantly talks about how to do something harmful, or says how "cool" violent acts are.

...since your friend began dating their partner, he/she has become more and more isolated from everyone else.

...when your friend and their partner are together with other people, their partner tells mean stories about your friend, calls him/her names or puts him/her down.

...your friend suddenly seems to have noticeable medical problems: they're always going to the doctor, are out sick a lot, show weight loss and/or hair loss.

...their partner has a history of being cruel or abusive in their past relationships.

If you said yes to even one, someone you know may be in an abusive relationship. Click here to find some resources to help.

Adapted from the ABA Teen Dating Violence Prevention Recommendations. 

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