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Teen dating abuse is a pattern of behaviors in which one partner seeks to maintain power and control over the other partner

PhysicalEmotional | Economic | Sexual

Threats and Intimidation | Using "Male Privilege" | Isolation

Physical Abuse -- Hitting, kicking, pushing, punching, slapping, choking, grabbing, throwing objects at a partner, threatening with a weapon, driving recklessly with partner in a car, refusing to help a sick partner.

Emotional Abuse -- Constant criticism, making humiliating remarks, name-calling, mocking, yelling, swearing, making victim think she is crazy, making victim feel guilty, making impossible rules and punishing victim for breaking these rules.

Economic Abuse -- Withholding money, credit cards, keeping a partner from work or school, interfering with partner's work or school, giving an allowance, withholding information and access to family finances.

Sexual Abuse -- Forcing sex on an unwilling partner, demanding sexual acts that the victim does not want to perform, degrading treatment, being treated as a sex object.

Threats and Intimidation -- Threatening to harm victim, children, family members, and pets. Putting partner in fear using looks, actions and gestures, shouting, smashing things and destroying property.

Using "Male Privilege" -- Treating partner like a servant, making all the "big" decisions," acting like the master of the house.

Isolation -- Controlling what partner does, who she sees and talks to, where she goes, monitoring phone calls, reading mail, taking car keys.


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