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Dating Safety

Everyone has the right to be in a relationship where they feel safe and are respected. The Dating Bill of Rights lists the rights you have when you are in a relationship.

Dating Bill of Rights

I have the right:

  • To be myself without changing to suit others.
  • To refuse a date without feeling guilty.
  • To an equal relationship with my partner.
  • To start a relationship slowly and to say, "I want to know you better before I become involved."
  • To say "no" if I do not want physical closeness.
  • To change a relationship when my feelings change. I can say, "We used to be close, but I want something else now."
  • Not to blame or change myself in order to keep a relationship going, if I am told a relationship is changing.
  • Not to dominate or to be dominated.
  • To act one way with one person and a different way with someone else.
  • To change my goals whenever I want to.  

I do not have to:

  • Act macho.
  • Act sexy.
  • Feel rejected or inadequate if I ask for a date and the answer is no.

I pledge to:

  • Always treat my boyfriend/girlfriend with respect.
  • Never hut them emotionally, physically or verbally.
  • Accept responsibility for myself and my own actions.
  • Respect my boyfriend/girlfriend's decisions concerning sex and affection.
  • Not to be controlling or manipulative in my relationship.

If you do not feel safe in your relationship or you are worried about a friend, check out the Teen Safety Plan or Teen Dating Violence School Policy.

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