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Teen Dating Violence Public Service Announcement Contest

Sponsored by the Dr. Alan Birnkrant Fund
Official Contest Rules


Objective:This contest challenges teens to create an original video Public Service Announcement ("PSA")to promote dating abuse awareness among teens.

Topics for PSA:
Each PSA should be directed to teens and focus on Teen Dating Violence. 
Local and National helpline information can also be included in the PSA. 
Some possible PSA themes include:

Identifying abusive behavior (emotional,physical, verbal or sexual) in dating relationships
Speaking out against dating violence

Use of technology in an abusive relationships

Standing up to an abusive friend

Helping an abused friend 

Eligibility, Rules and General information:

Contest information can be found on www.awarenow.org
The PSA contest is open to all students age13-19.
Must be resident of DC, Maryland or Virginia.
The PSA must be in English.
The contest runs from September 1, 2009 to June 1, 2011.
Video entries must be submitted in DVD format.
Videos can be short commercials or mini movies, but should not be longer than 3 minutes. Entries that exceed the time limit will be disqualified.
Videos can be created by individuals or team, but only one prize will be awarded per winning entry.
All submissions must be original and directed to other teens
Each submission group must identify a student production leader to be listed on the application as the primary contact person..
A $500 grand prize will be awarded to the winning entry in each of three categories.

"Textual Harassment"/Control
Emotional/Verbal Abuse

Physical Abuse

Each video submitted should be appropriate for one of the above 3categories.
Video content must be original. Do not use copyrighted material.
Videos must be use respectful language, gestures, clothing and behavior;those that do not will not be considered for competition.
All entries must be accompanied by complete and accurate information to include:
Name and contact information for video creator(s)
Photography Release Form - everyone featured in the video or involved in the creation of the video MUST sign a release.
Consent for Editing Form - everyone who enters a video, whether a solo or team project, must sign a Consent for Editing.
All videos must conclude with a screen reading:

Submission for Dr. Alan Birnkrant
AWARE® Video Contest 2009-2010

 PSA evaluationThree submissions from each category will be selected as finalists by a panel of peers and domestic violence professionals. The finalists from each category will be placed on awarenow.org for a community vote during the week of January 25th. The 1st place winners in each category will be announced Teen Dating Violence Awareness week,February 1-5, 2010.

Awards Three First place entries will receive cash awards and be submitted for local broadcast.

Contest Limitations:Students may only participate in the production of 1 PSA.  Every student involved in the creation of the PSA must sign the consent release form along with their parent/legal guardian. PSAs can not include copyrighted material, such as music (new musicis accepted), excerpts from movies, television and/or music videos; profane language; weapons or portray extreme violence; pornographic or other obscene,illegal or racially or otherwise morally offensive material; and/or mention any commercial merchandise or have actors displaying clothing with an insignia.


Video Submission, Entry Form, AND All Release Forms Must be Received by

June 1, 2011

Please submit the entry to:
PO Box 2266
Rockville, MD 20847

For more information call 301-315-8040 or email: video@awarenow.org


Contest Entry Form

PSA Release and Consent Form (one per participant)

Consent for Photography (one per participant)

Consent to Edit Video (one per participant)





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